• Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)
    • Investing in a debt fund ‘normally’ assures you consistent returns, while equities on the other hand have the potential to create wealth over a period of time. Unpredictability in equity funds can be quite a deterrent while making an investment decision. Systematic Transfer plan helps investors combine the best of both worlds.
      Example:  You have 5 Lakhs to invest and are interested to invest in HDFC Top 200 Equity Fund, the steps you will have to follow are listed below:
      1. Choose a Debt fund from HDFC, which allows STP to HDFC Top 200
      2. Invest all the money in the Debt Fund
      3. Fix a specific amount and date of the month where money will get transferred from debt fund to the equity fund
      STP is best for:
      Investors who want to invest lump sum money in schemes with stable returns
      An investor would like a little exposure to equity schemes in order to avail the potential for higher growth.
      STP is a favorable when markets have peaked or investors are unsure of the further uptrend in the market .
      STP Calculator
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